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Adorable Beagle Pup Gets To Experience Love For The First Time Ever!

Everyone meet this adorable beagle pup who’s very busy right now experiencing love for the first time ever! Just one look at him and you’d want to cuddle him and snuggle him forever! Take a look!

This adorable beagle pup is finally home and the best part is that his family absolutely love him, and you’re going to see proof in the video below. At the rate he’s waging his tail, I think soon he’d be more a peacock than a beagle, honestly. What’s one of the most important things to consider when bringing home a puppy?

According to BeaglePro, “It is amazing how quickly a puppy can get into a dangerous situation. It is very important to puppy proof your home; never think that a puppy “will know better”. They are incredibly curious! You will want to proof your home for:

Medications, trash, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, cleaning supplies, electrical cords, small objects (we almost lost a puppy due to an ingested penny that had fallen on the floor), stairs, cat litter boxes, tobacco products, house plants (many can be toxic) water hazards and sharp objects.”

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